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Stoddard County Title & Escrow provides title insurance and closing services for real estate transactions efficiently and professionally. We ensure peace of mind through a job done right.

50+ Years Experience

A purchase of a new home or land is often the biggest investment a family will ever make, so the safety of that investment is paramount. Put your mind at ease by using Stoddard County Title & Escrow to insure title to your real estate. Stoddard County Title & Escrow has over 50 years of combined experience in the title and legal industry. We are your trusted name for title insurance.

Examination of title for real estate and ensuring everything is correct is not a process that can be rushed. A rushed examination of the title will put your claim to your real estate in jeopardy because a rushed examination can overlook major problems with the title to your purchase. A thorough examination of the chain of title, searching for unsatisfied liens or mortgages, checking for judgments of record, and making sure the real estate taxes have been paid are all crucial services a title company provides to ensure you have clear title to purchase the property. At Stoddard County Title & Escrow we refuse to do a rushed examination of your property’s title and we stand behind our work to ensure you will have a clear title when you make the biggest investment of your lifetime.

Dustin Mayer, Joe Watson and the staff at Stoddard County Title have over 50 years of combined experience in the title and legal industry. Stoddard County Title will handle your next closing efficiently and professionally. Stoddard County Title also has the added benefit of sharing a location with Mayer Law Office and can prepare a beneficiary deed, contract, seller financing documents, or transact a 1031 exchange. Before your next purchase or sale goes under contract, please ask to have Stoddard County Title handle the closing—they are your trusted name for title insurance.

Our Team

With a combined 50 years of experience in the legal and title industry, we offer the area a trusted source for title insurance.
Dustin Mayer
Owner and Licensed Attorney
Joe Watson
Senior Title Agent
Pam Stause
Title Searcher and Examiner
Tabatha Crow
Closing Agent and Office Manager

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